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Karzan Kader / Sweden, Finland and Iraq / 2012 / 97 Mins / Kurdish With English Subtitles / Narrative

Senior student screening (ages 13 yrs+)

Two Kurdish brothers have been orphaned by Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime in Iraq. They see ‘Superman’ in the village’s first cinema and are inspired to travel to America in search of this hero who they believe will defeat Saddam Hussein and restore order to their homeland. But with no money or passports, their chances are not great. However, with great determination and a donkey named Michael Jackson they set off on their odyssey and in the process become heroes themselves.

Rated M – Coarse Language. HRAFF recommends for ages 13+ 



CineSeeds has expanded. This year the program will consist of two films; one for juniors and one for seniors.

This is an event for young people and their parents. This youth- oriented film program will entertain and inspire by focusing on issues of human rights and social justice. It is an opportunity for attendees to form opinions and develop an understanding of issues that will shape the future of all of us.

 Presented by Propeller Project powered by Samsung


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