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Roberta Durrant / South Africa / 2013 / 98 mins / Afrikaans, English and Xhosa with English subtitles / Narrative

Junior student screening (ages 7 yrs+)

Felix dreams of being a jazz musician like his late father, but his mother hates the idea. She calls it ‘the devil’s music’ and tells Felix that he is ‘no longer her son’ when he chooses to play with a band. She laments the fact that she has to work hard to be able to pay for his private school so that he can have a successful future. However, coming from a poor background, Felix is often bullied by his more affluent classmates. Through his father’s old friends Felix discovers a world of creativity and music, first with a penny whistle and then with a saxophone. He loves it. Felix skips months and years of practice to jam with the pros, culminating in a wonderful school concert.

Exempt from Classification, HRAFF recommends for ages 7+. Children under 15 years must be accompanied by an adult. 

Cineseeds has expanded. This year the program will consist of two films; one for juniors and one for seniors.

This is an event for young people and their parents. This youth- oriented film program will entertain and inspire by focusing on issues of human rights and social justice. It is an opportunity for attendees to form opinions and develop an understanding of issues that will shape the future of all of us.

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