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An insight into the complexity of our existence, this collection of remarkable films shows the extraordinary resilience and courage of people in impossible situations.


Chrisophe M. Saber / Switzerland / 2014 / 12 mins / French, German, Arabic, Italian with English subtitles / Narrative
A disagreement between father and child snowballs out of control in a corner store filled with representatives of Switzerland’s multicultural society.


Alexander Farah / Canada / 2014 / 14 mins / Farsi and English with English subtitles / Narrative
A nuanced dramatisation of the cultural clashes between immigrant parents and their children, as teenager Sahar rebels against her father for the last time.


Megha Ramaswamy / India / 2014 / 8 mins / Hindi with English subtitles / Documentary
“I bet you see many people on this route, but we have memorable faces.” A beautiful and haunting look at acid burn attack survivors.


Thomas Kruithof / France / 2012 / 14 mins / French with English subtitles / Narrative
A tense window into the world of France’s detention centres, where lives are paperwork and empathetic caseworkers are constantly fighting losing battles.


Darwin Serink / Iran and USA / 2014 /13 mins / Persian with English subtitles / Narrative
In an unnamed country, two men await a dreadful punishment for the crime of loving each other.


Elizabeth Lo / USA / 2014 / 8 mins / English with English subtitles / Documentary
The No. 22 bus is the only 24-hour bus route in Silicon Valley, California, and is used as overnight shelter by the area’s homeless.


Lucy Walker / USA / 2014 / 28 mins / English with Open Captions / Documentary
Marianna is awaiting a diagnosis that could irrevocably change her life – a test to find out whether she has the gene that leads to Huntington’s Disease.

This year there are two sessions of International Shorts. Click here to view International Shorts 2: Dreams on Innocence and Despair

These films have been exempt from classification and are restricted to people over 18 years.

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