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Frida Barkfors and Lasse Barkfors / Sweden and Denmark / 2014 / 77 mins / English / Documentary

An issue often considered too difficult to address, Pervert Park carefully explores the daily life of residents at Florida Justice Transitions, a halfway home to 120 registered sexual offenders. In a concerted effort for criminal rehabilitation, residents attend counseling sessions that examine their personal histories, shedding light on problematic elements of incarceration, reintegration and unshakeable stigma. First time feature-filmmaking duo Frida and Lasse Barkfors bravely tackle this subject with equal parts maturity and delicate intimacy. This bold, innovative and important documentary neither demonises nor sympathises with its subjects, but rather provides a deeper context and contemplation of an issue too often ignored.

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Liberty Victoria


Warning: some people may find content in this film disturbing.

This film has been exempt from classification and is restricted to people over 18 years.


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