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HRAFF and Melbourne Cinémathèque are proud to present two remarkable films that capture the essence of America at times of change and upheaval. Linked by the dominance of music that creates a powerful effect on the viewer, they will linger in your memory.



Spike Lee / USA / 1989 / 120 mins / English, Italian and Spanish with English subtitles / Narrative

This fevered celebration of multi-racial Brooklyn in the midst of a blistering heatwave remains Spike Lee’s defining and most triumphant ‘joint’. Fired by the music of Public Enemy and a wonderful score by Lee’s father, and shot with punchy aplomb by Ernest Dickerson (Malcolm X), Lee orchestrates a hugely dynamic web of characters in an exuberant masterwork of inventive humanism. So iconic is this film that the street on which it was shot is now called Do the Right Thing Way.


Bill Morrison / USA / 2012 / 80 mins / English / Documentary

Bill Morrison’s documentary focuses on the most destructive river flood in American history. In the spring of 1927, the flooding of the wild, untamed Mississippi River forced mass migration to the cities, accelerating the dissemination of the already rich musical legacy of the black American South. For this collaboration with composer Bill Frisell, Morrison scoured archives for images of the devastation, assembling the degraded debris into a haunting web of experience and memory. Frisell’s remarkable score, itself gleaned from the musical memories of the devastated plains, escalates the film into the poetic sublime.


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These films have been exempt from classification and are restricted to people over 18 years.

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