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Festival Team

Hraff staff

Program Director
Malcolm Blaylock

Programming Manager
Lauren Valmadre

Marketing & Development Manager
Vy Wijekumar

Festival Administrator
Matilda McKenna

Schools & Community Program Officer
Matilda McKenna

Finance Manager
Max Pereira

Evelyn Tadros (Chair), Hugh Crosthwaite (Secretary), Russell Gordon (Treasurer), Thomas Kane, Jeanine Froomes, Abigail Hand, Cheri Le Cornu, Yasmeen Richards and Sarah Gorman

Legal Officers
Madeline Miller, Nathan Macdonald

2016 Festival Team

Gala Committee ChairRossie James

CineSeeds Committee Chair

Georgie Bruce

Programming Team


Haydn Green
Laura Emerick
Alice McShane
Simon Di Beridino
Tess Hamilton
Derek Armstrong
Louise Malcolm
Amy Browne


James Zarucky
Annie House
Mia Falstein-Rush
Erin Rosenberg
Ana Boado
Sarah Mott


2016 Festival CollateralSweet Creative


Asha Holmes Publicity

Graphic Design Volunteer

Kristy Gray

HRAFF is made possible because of the hard work, generosity and dedication of all our volunteers. Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you.


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