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People’s Climate March Australia

Peoples Climate March


As world leaders meet in Paris for the United Nations climate summit, on the 27 – 29 November Oxfam Australia and other aid and development organisations will gather in Australian cities and walk alongside millions of people in hundreds of cities around the world – to pressure the Australian government to put an end to fossil fuels and support a better future powered by 100% clean, renewable energy.

Pollution drives climate change and hurts people. It hurts our health, the economy, jobs, food, water, environment and communities. But climate change doesn’t impact everyone equally: ­ those who did the least to cause the problem are feeling the impacts first and hardest, like our brothers and sisters in the Pacific, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities confronting fossil fuel mining on their land.

The planned transition to clean, renewable energy will lead to thousands of new jobs and a shift to a new economy.

Show your respect for the original custodians of our land, who have been protecting our natural environment for thousands of years by joining the community in a colourful, vibrant, fun and united display of people power.

Are you in?

On the weekend of 27-29 November, bring your friends and neighbours to a People’s Climate March near you!

Will you stand with Oxfam Australia? Meet them in Melbourne at 4:30pm at the State Library – close to Lt Lonsdale Street.They will be wearing red and walking with the ‘Frontlines of Change’ along with other aid and development organisations.

Click here to find out where all the national marches are happening.

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