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Learn more about France’s nuclear testing and the social impact on French Polynesia:

‘France’s Nuclear Testing Programme’ - The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization
French Polynesia profile – Overview‘ – BBC News

Learn more about the campaign to seek compensation for the victims of France’s nuclear testing:

‘France to compensate nuclear test victims’ - SBS News
”Nuclear reaction': French Polynesia to demand nearly $1bn from Paris over tests’ –

Learn about the nuclear testing carried here in our own backyard and the social impact on Australians:

Maralinga Victim of Nuclear Tests Protests Weatherill Dump Bid ‘- The Australian
‘British nuclear tests at Maralinga – Fact sheet’ – National Archives of Australia

Read about Australia’s role in supplying the resources for nuclear power and its nuclear disarmament hypocrisy:

‘Uranium trade off: what are Australia’s obligations?’ – Right Now
‘Australia’s Nuclear Disarmament Hypocrisy’ - Right Now
‘This Land Is Not Nowhere; These People Are Not No-One’  – Right Now

take action

Sign a petition or attend an event – Find out the latest news in Australia at

Contact your local anti-nuclear campaign group through Friends of the Earth Australia




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